Taylor Mosbey

Taylor is one of the head chefs at the Dénudé Bouffe Institute of Finer Sandwich Art. He is also a writer, director, actor, and ninja. Find out more at taylormosbey.com

Dominick Racano

Dominick’s education, experience and effervescence makes him a tolerable addition to the team of chefs. When he’s not making magic in the kitchen, Dominick enjoys writing, acting and shopping for clothes. Wanting more? Visit dominickracano.com

Maurice Chevalier

Maurice Chevalier was cloned with imported alien DNA from the future and a pressed ham & swiss hero.  Despite this unique cross breed, his sandwich making skills are on par with a that of a still born earth worm.  Scientists still cannot figure out how no one has died from one of his creations to date.

Chris Fason

When mutilated muppet corpses begin washing up on the pristine shores of Birmingham, AL, it’s up to Chris Fason, a mischievous traveling encyclopedia salesman and part-time cattle rustler to solve the mystery. With the aid of a sasquatch pirate and a worn copy of “Tobin’s Spirit Guide”, they uncover a  time traveling plot to assassinate President Robert F. Kennedy. Will they be able to foil this dastardly plan or will Professor Pancreas succeed in changing America’s national sport to hockey? Chris Fason is the artist and co-creator of “Hero Happy Hour” and has way too much time on his hands for writing auto-bio snippets. Find Chris on Facebook, & DeviantArt

Emory Goocher

Artist, engineer, actor, musician, painter, nanny, writer, part-time super hero and world traveler Emory Goocher is most reputably know for his staring roll in the feature film “A Band of Rogues” and for being the songwriter and front man of the Atlanta based folk rock sensation “Francis Eagle“.  Email Emory or click the links to find out more about Emory and his projects.

Bret E. Benson

Bret E. previously has made sandwiches for the Queen of England, as well as King Tut.  Lead Actor, Host, Model, Emcee, Motivational Speaker. He also frequently rocks at life, and is the most positive person you will ever come across.  Motto: Success Speak It 24/7.  More at Facebook.com/BretEBenson

Billy Mueller


Tyler Mosley

Tyler was destined for greatness from a young age when he uttered his first word … sandwich. From a long lineage of military veterans Mosley did not continue the tradition as he could not part with his facial locks. Today you can find Tyler singing bass for the Birthday Suitors Barber Shop Quartet. Follow him at www.twitter.com/nakedtyler

Robbie Kirkland

Robbie is still recovering.

Tim Richardson

Once celebrated, Feline Orthodontist lost his license in an adult diapers scandal. He saved millions of lives by resigning his post and infiltrating the ranks of the dummy corporation, Actors in Atlanta. He’s now decided to renew his childhood dreams of Global Domination. Aligning himself with his once estranged Cybernetically Enhanced Hybrid Monkey Brother “Logic” they have made great strides in controlling the minds of Tweens.  He is quoted in saying, “They that have no vision, cast off restraint…so stretch your imagination, it is unfortunate that adults allow that muscle to atrophy.” Like Tim on Facebook!

Charles Freeland

Charles once had a promising career in politics, until his twin passions for naked food preparation and truth-telling derailed his dreams. When not in the kitchen, he is pursuing an acting career (and pursuing actresses), enjoys reading science fiction and has twice been voted first runner up in the “Worst Dressed Sentient Being in the Universe” contest. He also likes swashbuckling and watching “Lady and the Tramp”.

Howie Handsel

Howie is a old friend of Dominick and does some cool stuff. Check out the alternate intro to Tuna Salad Sandwich on Howie Reporting Live!

Derrick Barrett

Derrick can punch through a dragon. Check out his cool stuff here at Derrick Barrett Films.

Homeless Julio

Homeless Juilo once considered spelling Homeless with a J. He smells, but has a nice beard.

Andrew McClure

Andrew is pretty okay even with that mustache. He may or may not be related to John Strong of Black and Strong.

Ned Jones

Ned has hair on his head and no beard.

Ted Jones

Ted has a beard and no  hair on his head.

Muigi Lario

Muigi is not a plumber. He is a chef. He has no connection to the famous Italian plumbers.

Lario Lario

Lario is not a plumber. He is a chef. He has no connection to the famous Italian plumbers. He may be a killer though.